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The President's 

The Officers, Members and Board of Directors of the
Santa Maria de Pila Association of Northern California

November 18, 2006

Dear Beloved Kakailian:

With all humility and candor, I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

Please allow me to take this opportunity to express how grateful I am for your splendid support and participation during our fund-raising drive for our WELCOME ARC project that is now on its final phase of completion.


Working together as a family of Santa Marians in our foster homeland with a common goal is a noble gesture. Each of us needs to help one another in any way we can handle and modestly afford. Helping especially the downtrodden wherever we find certain situation is uplifting and good for the spirit.

Many of us that have good health and stable job should be thankful. Thanksgiving is a day, around the world, to recognize our good fortune and promising opportunity and hope for better times for those of us working in different fields of endeavor. The human spirit is resilient, but for it to be so, we must objectively evaluate our lives and realize how well off each of us here in America relative to others back in our native hometown who are not so fortunate, though no fault or cause of their own, they have suffered immeasurable hardships.  

Although we are living in an uncertain time of our generation, don't always believe what you read and heard. Avoid negativity. Look for good acknowledge and reward good focus your family and home on the good things in life. Stay closer no matter what the circumstances are. Always seek divine protection and guidance from the Supreme Power above.

Let's pull together through the bayanihan spirit by complementing each other's resources and efforts for a worthy cause.

Many thanks once again to you who have assiduously supported our first project. May this will not be the last. Your generous contributions of time and fund have made a difference for the immediate realization of our plan.

God will continue to bless you!


Reynaldo T. Arquero

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